Grow in 2017 – Prayer

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Prayer Journal

One of our elders, Tim Horton, has kept a prayer journal for years. The Psalms are prayer journals. I personally have found that writing down my prayers helps me engage, wake up spiritually each day and stay focused on what the Lord has for me. I use a thin Moleskine journal because it fits inside my Bible without stretching the binding.

The Lord’s Prayer

I use this helpful prayer guide, LordHelpUsPray, based on “The Lord’s Prayer”. In my prayer journal, I write, “His Name Praised”, underline it, then write down a verse I just read and some comments. Then “His purposes advanced” and so on. It’s incredible how much doing this aims my day. Thanks to John Dirkse of Harvest Rockford, IL for this great and handsome resource.

Prayer List

Rob Willey, Pastor of Harvest Davenport, IA, has a scratch-note prayer list with him at all times. For most people, if you don’t write it down, it’s gets forgotten. Make a list. Who and what will you pray for. Arrange it so your top priorities are at the top so if you run out of time, you captured the most important prayers for you.

Prayer Rings

I confess that at stoplights, I generally check my email or texts. But now in my console is the prayer ring so I can flip through these and cover major areas of prayer that I’ve customized. Grab one from the welcome table. I still check my email and texts at stoplights, but it’s now more likely I’ll be praying instead.

Several Times a Week

Pastor James MacDonald says that several times a week he has intense prayer where he 1) Get’s on his knees, 2) Out loud, 3) With a list, 4) Gets specific. What are the BIG things you need to be praying about? The things that only come about through prayer?

Prayer throughout the Day

At lunch with a great couple in the church the other day, the husband said, “I’m learning that, rather than worrying about something and thinking, ‘I need to pray about that’, I can pray about that RIGHT NOW.” Thank the Lord for what He’s doing for you. Ask Him for strength.

A Praying Life by Paul Miller

Best book on prayer I’ve ever read. It’s on my re-read list!

Now, what fits you best? Go ahead and get the resource(s) or start building your list.