Life Change in Small Groups

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Small groups are an instrumental part of our church. In our small groups people get together weekly in informal settings to talk about God’s Word, pray, hold each other accountable, and just enjoy time hanging out together. It is a key avenue through which discipleship and personal ministry happens, and these things help to strengthen our unity as a church and encourage us onward to a closer walk with Christ.

I began attending a small group when I joined Harvest Raleigh back in 2011, and ever since then I have continually experienced the joy and fruit of being a part of such a group. I am grateful to the Lord for this, because that was not always the case. Before I joined Harvest, I attended churches that did not have small groups. As a somewhat introverted person, not having a small, close and committed community for me to be a part of made it difficult to make deep and meaningful connections with the people in my church. During this time in my life, there was no small group of fellow Believers pouring into my life, nor holding me accountable, nor spurring me on to a deeper faith in Jesus. As a result, my growth as a follower of Christ suffered.

When I joined my first small group at Harvest Raleigh, I found that the people in the group were incredibly welcoming. They were sincere, honest, and truly cared about each other’s walks with the Lord. Deep friendships were made – friendships which are still going strong to this day. The first small group I was a part of, and the groups I have been in since, have really exemplified what we like to call an “Uncommon Community”.

In the six years since I joined a small group, the Lord has really increased my faith in Him and I truly believe that – to a large extent – He used small groups to do so. I would encourage those reading this to consider joining a small group as well. Find more information about Harvest Raleigh’s small groups, including a listing of our current groups. You can also contact us directly at