Harvest Kids: Electronic Check-in

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Sunday, April 2nd, Harvest Kids will be moving to an electronic check-in system.

Just a few reminders for regular attenders:

  • All kids will now be checked in via the electronic check-in station in the lobby rather than at the classroom door.
  • Your passcode to check-in your family is the last 4 digits of your phone number (this can be any family member’s cell).
  • One child label will print per kid. This label should go on your child’s back prior to walking them to class.
  • One family label will print that matches the security code on all children in a family. For security purposes, the family label must be presented to check a child out of a classroom. If you would prefer to receive two family labels each week, let us know.
  • Should you be needed in your child’s classroom during service, your child’s number will appear on the main screen. This is the number 1-100 that appears on both the child and family label, not the 4 digit family security code. Label pics here.
  • And finally we ask that the parents, not the kids, be the ones to use the Harvest Check-in tablets.

New to Harvest Raleigh? We look forward to meeting you! You can find one of our Children’s leaders at the Harvest Kids Check-in table in the lobby. They will help you and your kids get settled.

Questions? Email us childrens@harvestraleigh.org

Harvest Kids is training the next generation not only to know the Bible but to believe Jesus and to follow Him and tell others about the Good News He delivers.