What is Shaping Your Character?

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Workouts shape our bodies. Gel shapes our hair. What is shaping our character?

After slapping the red Family feud button, knee-jerk answers would probably be: family, culture and feelings. Each of these can have their moments, but we’d each readily admit that none provide completely reliable character shaping.

Let Jesus shape your character.

From whom else would you learn that God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble? That the first should be last? That you must love your enemies and pray for them? That you’re a sinner needing God rather than a god needing praise? To put off the old and put on the new using the power and reality of a new heart with the new indwelling Spirit of God to bring about fruit?

You need Jesus to shape your character. New King. New Kingdom. That means you need to be spending time with Him, focused on His Word, learning, praying, humbling yourself, adjusting course, following Him and being with His people.

May you be able to say that above all others, it is Jesus who shapes your character. If so, you will rise in Kingdom fruitfulness and praise will rise to Jesus.