With the Help of Our God

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The Lord has moved in mighty ways among us during this past ministry year. God greatly grew our faith through the highs and lows of purchasing a building, small group leaders have been trained and small groups are multiplying, Harvest Kids has nearly doubled in number and only God knows how fruit within the kids is multiplying, we are seeing people coming to Christ and being discipled and we are seeing Christians who are ready to grow and serve join what God is doing. This is a remarkable list, but it is not our doing.

A week ago, I was reading Nehemiah and read Nehemiah 6:16, “for they perceived that this work had been done with the help of our God.” Honestly, truly, no posturing here, what has happened this past year has not been us. There were many moments where I and we were at the end of our rope begging God through fasting to deliver the solution. God had already brought particularly skilled leaders to us that we had not even recognize we needed. God moved within municipalities according to our prayers. God sovereignly aligned personal situations of people in the church such that they could pray, give, serve, lead, etc., etc. There were many, “Oh no” moments followed by “Wow God” awe.

Without a doubt, we have seen that God’s primary goal is to grow our faith and your faith in Him. If faith hasn’t grown, we are merely Cain’s and Jonah’s, empty people who periodically get the job done. No joke, God MADE our faith grow. We had no other option than Him. Being on our knees in prayer has never felt so comfortable. May we never forget it!