Reading the Bible with a Pen

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In December, I bought a new thin Bible for $20. Goal: read every page and mark it up, circling, underlining, drawing lines from one thing to another, adding brief notes in the margins. It keeps me alert, keeps me moving and has caused better comprehension.

In Nehemiah 3, I noticed some very obvious repetition. The phrases “next to” or “after him” occur over and over and over. At least 27 occurrences in one chapter made me stop and think.

Reading the Bible with a pen, as I circled each one, helped me see clearly that serving the Lord is not a individual event. We work together, next to one another, one after the other, same goal, purpose and joys. Same Lord, faith, focus. Jesus. Worshiping Jesus… Walking with Jesus… Working for Jesus… Witnessing about Jesus… TOGETHER.

Week after week, God’s people at Harvest Raleigh serve in Kids, Worship and Welcome, next to one another, one after the other. Your work in God’s Kingdom is making an impact in the lives of others in our church and those who are visiting! We’re not going for individual sport. We’re going for togetherness. Next to one another. One after the other.

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