Persevering through Poisoned-Thinking

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Overwhelmingly, Christians do not wane in faithfulness to obvious heresy, but to the little lies, like erosion or a slow-drip poison. Sunday I shared with the church 10 poisonous thoughts. Each poison is followed by its gospel antidote.
  1. My tough situation can’t change. Jesus rose so He can absolutely change it. 
  2. Peoples lives are okay without Christ. People need Jesus and may say “How sweet the sound”. 
  3. My secret sin won’t hold us back. Secret sin hurts you and the church. Confess your sin and be free.
  4. I can do good enough in my own strength. God empowers you through prayer.
  5. My meeting with God isn’t top priority. Prioritize your meeting with God and watch what happens. 
  6. Being late to worship is no big deal. God is worthy to be praised. 
  7. I can’t afford to give the Lord. God says test me and I’ll prove you can. 
  8. Family as my top priority honors God. Commandment #1: Have no other gods before me. 
  9. Happy marriage happens automatically. Marriage requires grace-drive-effort.
  10. Transformation doesn’t require transparency. Knock and Jesus/we will open. 
Which poisonous thought has seeped into your life? God helps you out of it through Jesus.
Listen to the rest of Sunday’s sermon on Acts 14.
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