God's Astounding Provision in Storms

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A team of 7 of us just returned from the Island of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos. Provo was ravaged by Hurricane Irma and then soaked again by Hurricane Maria. Here are ways we’ve seen God’s goodness through the storm. 

1) No fatalities which is nothing short of a miracle having seen many destroyed buildings and roofs.

2) The uniting of churches, relief organizations and government to bring relief. Pastor Kenyatta of Harvest Turks and Caicos has for years been praying for unity. God is answering. 

3) Opened souls to receive Jesus as Savior. As the ground was loosened by uprooted trees, so were hardened souls loosened by uprooted lives, making way for people’s greatest need, Jesus. 

4) A benevolent couple fully funding our flights, $3500 in tools given, American Airlines waiving bag fees for relief supplies, 7 men willing to sleep on air mattresses and bucket shower for a week, a benevolent man putting us up in his wonderful home instead, $40,000 raised through our website for relief work on the Island, a benevolent rental car company owner lending us a van for free, no injuries during our trip other than very colorful bruises and glory to God in His church upon return. 

Sometimes it takes a storm to loosen hard-heartedness, to answer prayers, to activate Christians toward remarkable impact. If you’re in a storm, look for the Lord. Ask Him what He’s showing you. 

Listen to the TCI Relief Team report.