Legendary Men's Retreat

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This past weekend we had our men’s retreat at The Refuge in Ayden, NC. 

We ate brats with sautéed peppers, onions and garlic, country ham biscuits and a low country boil. We were on teams competing during four hilarious events including “get the ball across the lake however you can without getting in the lake”, archery and “acquire the tire” which resulted in acquiring small, worth it, injuries. None of us move like this anymore. It was fun to play and goof off. 

The fellowship with significant. We benefited from camp fire conversations and getting to know men with whom we were previously less acquainted. A room full of the deep voices of men singing to our High King Jesus strengthened our souls. And God’s Word preached about being full of the Spirit, faith and wisdom, keeping our word with endurance and heart and properly ordering our lives according to what Jesus has given us were challenging and reseting. Our competitive teams were also teams for prayer, praying together after each session in God’s Word. Saturday morning, each man spent significant time alone with the Lord enjoying the beautiful property.

I’m grateful for godly men who love the Lord Jesus and one another.

And I’m grateful no one went to the hospital.