Meeting with God in 2019

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This week, when you have a somewhat quiet moment, invest some time planning how you will meet with God in 2019. Below is some help. 

We can meet with God? YES! The God of the Bible is relational. He is both “above the heavens” and “binds up wounds” (Psalm 147). When Jesus’ disciples asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray” they weren’t asking for help in what we might typically understand as prayer – bowing head, clasping hands, saying some things to God. They were asking Jesus to teach them how to meet with God. The word they used was more like, teach us how to have an “exchange of wishes” with God. Amazing. 

You can worship God, give Him your day, tell him your needs, sins and concerns and God will respond with His Word and with confidence in Him.

I’ve shared with Harvest Raleigh that you need 7 things to have a great Meeting with God. (I also preached a 6 week series called Meeting with God). 

  1. A time: when will you meet with God each day?
  2. A place: where will you meet with God each day?
  3. A Bible: print or digital – what will work best for you? 
  4. A plan*: pick a Bible reading plan from the youversion app or read a book at a time starting with the gospel of John or Mark then Colossians, etc. 
  5. A journal: studies show that writing down what you’re learning and praying will massively assist your engagement as well as limit distractions.
  6. A pen: I’m particular about pens. If you aren’t, congratulations. Use it in your Bible and journal to circle, underline, make notes, and jot down insights, prayer and questions. 
  7. A beverage: coffee, tea, whatever you enjoy. 

Meeting with God plans are not one size fits all. Make a plan that will be really good for you and that you can keep up with throughout the year.

When praying and journaling, use the outline Jesus gives as His answer to the disciples question: 

  • His Name praised (Father, hallowed be Your Name). For what can you praise God about that happened yesterday? That you just read/learned from your Bible reading? 
  • His purposes advanced (Your Kingdom come). What is coming in my day today? Lord, direct me in how to honor you in these things? What are Your priorities for me? 
  • My needs met (Give us this day our daily bread). Aware of what God would have you do today, ask Him for the strength and resources He loves to supply. 
  • My sins forgiven (and forgive us our sins and we forgive everyone who is indebted against us). Search your yesterday and your heart. Confess your sins and ensure that you are not harboring unforgiveness toward others. 
  • My paths protected (and lead us not into temptation). What will you face today that will be hard – ask God to remove the temptation or evil altogether and if He doesn’t, ask God for protection and strength to be strong and stand for Him.

Meet with God. Don’t try to be a hero. Make a 2019 Meeting with God plan that will help you worship God, grow in Him and bless others. 

It’s really amazing that Jesus had an answer to the disciples question “Lord, teach us to pray.” Jesus didn’t say, “You can’t meet with God like me – I’m Jesus!” Rather, He passed along His very own outline to them … and us!