Woman of God

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Ladies, the world is in your ear. Dangerous. Your own voice is in your ear. Regularly dangerous. This image represents God’s voice in your ear (awesome and life-giving!) versus the world’s slander. The goal is here is you knowing who you are in Jesus Christ.

(I do not know the source. Whoever drew this, thank you and amen!). 

If you read these and are enamored that God would actually, truly say these to you … He will. God is your Creator. God is not a bully. God speaks truth in love. If you are facing your insecurities or your weaknesses or your sin and the mountain they are to overcome, especially in your own strength, ask our helping God to help you. Ask Him to speak truth in love to you. Ask Him to help you put on the identity you have in Jesus. If you recognize you do not have identity in Jesus Christ because you do not know Him, you can. Confess your need for God and your sin before Him, thank God for creating and loving you and sending a savior to pay for your sin: Jesus. Worship God that while you are yet a sinner, Jesus died for you. Exalt God who speaks these phrases to you. Be certain of them because you are certain of God and make Jesus #1 in your life.

I recognize also there are empty “good things” the world says about you or suggests you to do or say to yourself for transformation. You may wisely recognize they do little to transform. They are not rooted in God and rather rooted in fleeting identities or feelings. Phrases like “be happy” and “do something good for yourself today” aren’t bad but they fail to be a solid foundation and can regularly be shifting sand … why? They change, are temporary and subjective. Root who you are in God who is unchanging, eternal and true. He made you, saves you and loves you. It’s the ultimate “YOU ARE LOVED”!

From sermon: Healthy Marriage: The Wife, Ephesians 5:22-24