The Bridge is Launching!

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God has been building a team to plant a new church in Southeast Raleigh. Bridge Fellowship Church will launch on April 7th at 10am at 2600 Timber Dr. Get connected here

On March 17th, we got to “tell of God’s wondrous deeds” (Psalm 105:1-2) by retelling the story of how we met the pastor-to-be Douglas Humphrey and were convinced by the Lord quickly that this was an opportunity to steward for His glory.

Sunday we ordained Douglas. Ordination is a public recognition by elders of a church affirming Jesus’ calling on a man to Pastor, including affirming his conversion, character and competency. Our elders gave Douglas some charges from God’s Word and prayed over him. Pray for Douglas. 

Then we commissioned the launch team, a group of diverse but eternally united-by-Jesus individuals. These Jesus-followers are so excited about what God is already doing in Bridge and will do as Bridge is launched. Pray for them.

In the lead-up to their launch, we will be helping Bridge with multiple community outreaches and having a week of prayer April 1-7. 

All of this flows directly from the living God, whose Plan A is the church. We love you Lord!