A New Bridge in Raleigh

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Bridges connect one side to another. They make destinations accessible and a straighter path to them. 

This past Sunday, April 7th, Bridge Fellowship Church launched!  Their mission? Bridging people back to God through the gospel. The Bridge is all about bridging you back to God through Jesus. 

How’d the launch go? The team God assembled did a fantastic job setting up and serving all who are beginning to make Bridge their church home. You’re invited! Pastor Douglas preached a powerful sermon about Who they are all about and what Bridge will do (listen here). Worship leader Taylor Pritchard ensured we gave all the credit to God. Bridge Kids ministry was a hit (my kids had a total blast!).

If you live in Southeast Raleigh and want to learn about Jesus, find a great church home and serve the community, make your first trip to Raleigh’s newest Bridge!