Leading from Weakness

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Who wants to be led by a weak person, right? So, we project strength … even when we are weak. 

This is dumb. It will collapse. The people you are leading will surprise you when you confess you are weak. They will relate. You will have opportunity to point them to the strength of Jesus instead of your strength. How much better is that?!

A danger in our Christian culture is to take strong leadership principles from the world and apply them without a stronger understanding of leadership in the Bible.

Leaders in the Bible are:

Meek = strength under control, non tyrant. God called Moses the meekest on earth. 

Weak = aware of your real strength. 2 Corinthians is Paul telling the church how it’s Jesus who is strong, not him).

Psalm 18 is David sharing how God is his strength and how much David loves Him for His strength. David was a strong man – killed large animals and a giant no problem with his hands or a sling. But he knew his strength was the Lord. Do you?