Approved Emotions

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Recently I shared during a sermon that we project an approval of just one emotion for the typical Christian. Can you guess it? 


Joy is awesome. It comes from Jesus and seriously there is no greater joy than the joy of forgiveness of all our sins and heaven ahead. So what are we to think when joy is not emoting? 

Think we are like Jesus: 

  • Jesus wept when he met Martha and Mary after Lazarus had died. 
  • Jesus was righteously angry when He flipped extortioners money tables in the Temple. 
  • Jesus was a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief. 
  • Psalmists were full of raw emotion that is uncomfortable to read at times. 

God created emotion. Embrace it. Let him into it. Why? Because often God delivers us in our raw emotion.

  • Tell the Lord you are angry and let Him help you get to the heart of why. 
  • Tell the Lord you are downcast and let Him care for you and lift your eyes. 
  • Tell the Lord you are hurt and let Him bind up your wounds.

Don’t go around your emotions, go thru them, with God.