3-5 Year Vision

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This past Sunday I shared our 3-5 year vision with the church. You can listen to the entire sermon here from Acts 2:42-47. Here is the outline:

Our vision is to be loving God, loving one another and loving others. 

Loving God

  1. Worship: People of increasingly sincere worship. God-exalting because we are not god, He is God. 
  2. Word: Beholding God through His Word. God-beholding because He’s the subject of the book, not us. 
  3. Prayer: Growing belief (and practice) in the power of prayer. God-relying because we are weak and God is near! 

Loving one another targets for next three years

  1. Students: Building up Harvest Students with broad church involvement.
  2. Community: Building community beyond our first 10 year means.
  3. Classes: Commit to regular content-driven discipleship opportunities.
  4. Coaching: Deepening equipping and coaching for new and existing leaders.

Loving others targets for next 3 years

  1. Good news: More people sharing the gospel regularly. 
  2. Good deeds: Participate in local outreach. Being good deeds people all the time.
  3. Good trips: Participating in international church planting. We’re going overseas again! 

Several important nuances. 

  • Hit the bullseyes, GODone another and others by focusing on the WHO.
  • LovING meaning ongoing and cultural versus once or twice a week. 
  • It’s “3-5” years because we make our plan and the Lord directs our steps.