Develop Your Meeting with God Plan for 2020

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Here are some ideas toward strategically developing your Meeting With God plan as we enter 2020. See also the previous post “Seek and Set in 2020” for the heart behind why. 

The 5/5/5 Plan

This plan is simple. Pray for 5 minutes. Read the Bible for 5 minutes. Pick one more 5 minute investment such as journaling, Scripture memory, deeper study, further prayer or reading a Christian book. I like this plan because I can adjust the third one according to what I’m reading, praying, facing or whatever mood I’m in! At just 15 minutes a day, this plan will get you going. Maybe you are ready for 10/10/10 or 15/15/15. 

Print Bible Reading Plans

Book at a Time – Bible in a year, read from 2 Bible books each day. Great variety. Includes one reflection day per week or you can use that day to catch up.

Bible Reading Chart – Check off what you’ve read as you go. For reading the Bible in a year, simply read 2.5 or so chapters per day or divide the number of pages in your Bible by 365. Great for the reader whose interests shift throughout the year. Allows you to take as long or as little time as you need (doesn’t have to be a year!)

How to pray. Luke 11:1-4 Jesus gives this outline for prayer:

  1. God’s Name Praised
  2. God’s Will Advanced
  3. Ask for your/our daily needs
  4. Confess your/our sins while forgiving others
  5. Seek your/our protection from temptation and evil

In “Yellow Notes” on my phone, I have a personal prayer list and a church (or work) prayer list. I update it whenever I need to. It’s great to check off items as God answers and it’s great to reword them or add verses to them as God reveals related truths, wisdom or promises from what I’m reading in God’s Word. 


  • YouVersion: pick from thousands of reading plans and devotionals, set up reminders, store your highlights and notes. Also, Harvest Raleigh sermon outlines can interface with YouVersion to store notes you take.
  • The Dwell App: no one has described the utility of this app quite like this clip from Matt Chandler
  • Fighter verses: A Scripture memory app created by Desiring God 

Free commentaries on the entire Bible

Great resources for study

Infographic: Do I have enough time for this? Meeting with God each day is more realistic than you think!