Coronavirus: Precautions and Perspective

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UPDATED 3.13.20 – Click Here

As the Coronavirus spreads in our country and in Raleigh, I want to share with you some precautions we are taking as well as some perspective. 

First, the precautions. The building is cleaned each week and additional cleanings are occurring. Kids toys are being sanitized plus door knobs and surfaces will be wiped down before, during and after worship services. For the next few Sundays, let’s greet one another warmly as always but without physical contact. A Kids Director will be running check-in so not everyone is touching the tablets. Remember, each of these are precautions. The biggest prevention is you: if you or someone in your immediate family is sick, please do not come to church on Sunday morning (a year round request). 

  • Livestream will be available (Facebook: Harvest Raleigh)
  • Online giving always available (website or Church Center app) 
  • Prayer requests to always available. 
  • Utilize white box on welcome table for paper giving, welcome and prayer cards – always available.

Some data: 80% of people infected recover at home. The 20% who require medical attention require fluids and oxygen and recover. The most at risk are the elderly, persons already sick or those who have high-risk medical conditions. 

Now, the perspective. God is Almighty! If he can give and take away plagues, He can handle Coronavirus, amen? Amen?! This does not, however, mean we can be irresponsible in our response. The Lord is Almighty and He gave us wisdom toward taking precautions. Let’s love others well: Point worried people toward our Almighty God. Pray for healing for those who have the virus and for countries highly affected: China, Iran, South Korea, Italy and Japan. Pray for those whose jobs or incomes are temporarily jeopardized. Pray we can be a light and people will respond to the Light.