Go In Power

Go In Power: Over Sin- Romans 7:21-25

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Go in Power over Sin
Romans 7:21-25

To Go in Power over sin, we must know that:

  1. Sin is Close at Hand (21-23)
  2. Sin is Waging a war inside of us (23)
  3. The War continues and Jesus Wins.  (24-25)

Retreat- Psalm 5

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Retreat in Prayer (v.1-3)
Retreat into God’s Character (v.4-6)
Retreat into God’s House (v.7-8)
Retreat into God’s Justice (v.9-10)
Retreat into Worship (v.11-12)

Baptism: A Powerful Illustration- Romans 6:1-4

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Big idea: Baptism illustrates the ending of your old life without Christ and the beginning of your new life with Christ. 
The ending of your old life! Penalty paid. Sin buried. (1-4a). 

Salvation is a gift. You do nothing to earn it but you must receive it by faith.

If your faith is in J, you are covered by the righteousness of J, not your own.

You prevent abusing grace by owning your identity in Christ.

The beginning of your new life! Raised to walk new (4b). 
Baptism anticipates…
  1. Life change
  2. Lifestyle change
  3. Life eternal
Ephesians 2:1-10

Jesus’ Church Endures- Acts 12:18-25

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Big idea: Wickedness abounds but the church will prevail.

The wicked rage (18-19).

The wicked die (20-23).

Jesus’ church endures (24-25).

Prayer that Causes Prison Break- Acts 12:1-17

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Big idea: God loves to show off his presence, power and provision when we pray.


God hears our earnest prayers (1-5).

Prayer must have in balance two equal realities about God:
God’s omnipotence (power) and God’s sovereignty (will/plan).
Healthy prayer knows God is both powerful and has a plan.

  • We know God is omnipotent so we pray trusting His power. 
  • We know God is sovereign so we pray submitting to His will. 

God rescues us when we pray (6-11).

When you are praying for something, you be ready for God’s rescue: 

  • Wake up to God’s presence (7) 
  • Chains come off so leave them off (7) 
  • Get dressed (8) for action (8) 
  • Follow God out (9-10) 
  • Praise God personally (11)

God grows our faith through prayer (12-17). 

Going In Power Is The Product Of A Generous Heart- Acts 11:19-30

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Going In Power is the Product of a Generous Heart

Text:  Acts 11:19-30

Big Idea: A Generous Heart is what fuels us to Go In Power

1. Jesus’ Followers are Generous toward the Lost (v. 19-21)
2. Jesus’ Followers are Generous toward the Saved (v. 22-26)
3. Jesus’ Followers are Generous toward the Hurting (v. 27-30)

The Gospel Is Offered To Everyone- Acts 11:1-18

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“I Repeat: The Gospel is Offered to Everyone” Acts 11:1-18

Big idea: The Gospel is Offered to Everyone

Make no people distinctions (1-12)

Romans 10:14

Be a ready messenger (13-14).

Be ready for divine appointments outside my comfort zone
Be ready to share Christ with anyone Jesus points my way

Think not “them” but “us” (15-17).

Galatians 3:27-28

Glorify God for His grace (18)!

Accelerants To Your Ministry- Acts 9:32-43

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Big idea: Jesus can powerfully minister through you! 

Full of faith and prayer (Acts 9:32-35). 

Full of good works and charity.  (Acts 9:36-43). 

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Remarkable Transformation- Acts 9:1-31

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