November 6 2016
Series: Go In Power

Power to Save - Acts 3

“Power to Save” Acts 3

Pastor Mike Willis

Big idea: To lead people to Jesus, believe in His power, not yours. 

Jesus is powerful to heal remarkably (Acts 1-10). 

Isaiah 35:5-7

Jesus is powerful to convict deeply (Acts 11-16). 

Walk through the door Jesus opens & point out the problem (11-15). 

Referencing the door Jesus opened, point them to the solution (16).

Jesus is powerful to save completely (Acts 17-26). 

3 Rs of how Jesus saves completely.  

  • Repentance (19)
  • Refreshing (20)
  • Restoration (21)

7 Encouragements about Evangelism

  1. God is long-suffering with lost sinners. 
  2. True witness involves both bad and good news. 
  3. The masses are reached through individuals. 
  4. The best defense of the faith is a changed life. 
  5. Whenever God blesses, Satan will oppose it. 
  6. Jesus is praying our witness will have success. 
  7. Jesus is more powerful than you think.