July 10 2016

What We Learn About Jesus on Resurrection Day - Luke 24

Speaker: Tim Horton

1. Jesus blessed the women who followed Him.
2. Jesus seeks out and retrieves those who wander away.
3. Jesus meets us when we are gathered together.
4. Jesus clothes us with power.

Application Questions:

1. When Jesus’s resurrection is the Big Idea over all of our thoughts and actions, how will your speech, thoughts, time, treasure, and relationships be changed? Pick two specific things that would change and explain what would be different.

2. Identify one way our culture marginalizes women and paint a picture of how the church should combat that or resist it.

3. Describe a time in your life when Jesus retrieved you.How did His church play into that experience?

4. How does the church come together so we can go out again? How can you personally enhance that effect in your life, small group and in our church?